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Back when my father Joe came to me with his thoughts on creating this series, I had asked him what’s his motivation behind it? This is what he jotted down:

“Having spent some time in Las Vegas gathering visuals for a project I was involved in based on the various games offered in the casinos, I came across a Texas Hold ’em room. I found it fascinating by not only the way the game was played, but also the names that were given to the various hands that were dealt. That was my starting point in creating this Hold ’em series.

In order for me to do this, I had to link the abundant colorful surroundings I was seeing within the environment of hold ’em. Gradually I put together brightly colored pieces with the various hands that would be dealt to a player in the game trying to reflect the excitement I felt when watching the game.

Keeping the passion of the game in focus, I was able to put together this collection. Some pieces have since been used for promotional material by various casinos and have since been encouraged to share this collection of poker art prints related to the game of hold ’em with you.”

Hold ‘em Series: Poker Art Prints

Each print is numbered and signed by the artist. This series has been created in a limited edition of only 95 prints. These prints are embossed and printed on 100% natural rag paper.

Image size: 4″ X 4″
Matted print measures: 10″ X 10″


Poker Prints 4" x 4"














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